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A new standard in missions.

We launch and support forward-thinking missionaries that teach the Bible to impoverished church leaders around the world. And we use our giftedness to help them grow.

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Use your giftedness.

You’re uniquely designed by God to function like no one else. We help you learn and use your giftedness in missions. With skills that go beyond the classroom, we help you become effective and efficient. And since people should never stop growing, we give you the freedom and opportunity for ongoing personal development.

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We invest in you.

As a missionary, you’re our greatest asset and therefore our greatest investment. We invest in the best training so you can live your potential. The Great Commission today requires innovation. From support raising to presentation skills, we make sure you’re the priority.

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Be transformed.

Your education is good but not enough. Effective mission work requires dedicated missionaries who are willing to endure hardship. Join us — strive and be transformed by Jesus’ teaching. And learn to teach in a way that transforms people to follow Him.

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Missionaries are made.

Allow us to equip you with the skills you need to succeed as a modern missionary.

Apply now. Begin your journey.